The engine for our innovation, improvement and knowledge development is the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board meets frequently and has the following roles: The Founding Partners are:

  • Provide a platform to the Strategy Management Collaborative to continuously develop and test innovative concepts and ideas in the field of strategy management
  • Formalize the R&D within the strategy management collaborative
  • Identify relevant case studies & methodologies and describe them
  • Research and discuss findings from regional communities and customers
  • Share best practices and findings amongst the Collaborative
  • Align the efforts in the development of innovating concepts and ideas
  • Provide periodically a R&D research agenda and follow up on the R&D pipeline
  • Overview publications, seminars and conferences
  • Document Advisory Board conclusions and points of view and present them to the Collaborative as well as publically through PR agents.
Permanent Advisory Board Members are:

  • Prof. Werner Bruggeman (Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School)
  • Mr. Kris Moreels (Independent Adviser)
  • Miss. Fanny Schwarz (Partner Tantum Group / Symnetics)
  • Mr. Geert Scheipers (Partner Delever Consulting)
  • Mr. Mathias Mangels(Partner Tantum Group/Symnetics)

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